Two Branches

Two Branches Short of a Tree is a YA steampunk/adventure novel involving squirrels and potentially the end of the world. I’m editing it at the moment, and more information should come soon.


Think fluffy mammals and high seas adventure, but somewhere way up in the sky. This is steampunk with squirrels.

‘Two Branches Short of a Tree’ is the story of Peregrine, a street urchin from the squirrel city of Elderheim. Pippin earns his keep working as a porter, shifting goods for any airship crews willing to take on an extra pair of paws. He enjoys working at the airport, but when he’s offered a position flying with the crew of a real airship, it’s too good to refuse – especially when that airship is none other than Aeolus, captained by the legendary weasel, Captain Alphonso de Rossi.

Pippin soon finds himself plunging headlong into a world of swashbuckling pirates, iron-pawed emperors, and lovers of fine tea. He’ll come face-to-face with the likes of the infamous Captain Bartholomeow of the Kittiwake, King Marco of the flying city of Kazimeriz, and Nine-Thumbs, the clumsiest lemming this side of the eastern border.

But rumour has it that the whole world is in grave danger. There’s a creature out there so terrifying that no one dares mention his name. His ambition knows no limit; even the weather obeys him. But when his power-crazy antics begin to tear the sky apart, it seems that the hope of the whole world rests upon the shoulders of Captain de Rossi and his crew.

But can you really trust a weasel? Can one crew stand against the mountainous odds stacked against them, and can they really save the world?


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