Last week I went exploring.
Lucy had said that she wanted to go for a walk, but we didn’t have much time. We decided to go to the bus station and see where we could go, and ended up travelling to Heysham, despite the fact that I knew little about the place other than that it’s the home of a couple of nuclear power plants. As it turns out, Heysham has some beautiful surroundings, and my phone camera certainly hasn’t done them justice. The weather didn’t help.

IMG-20131207-00556IMG-20131207-00563IMG-20131207-00560Heysham also has a lot of history. 1977 excavations revealed “probably the best Neolithic site in Northern Europe”, with archaeologists claiming that the site has been occupied for 12,000 years. The ruin of St Patrick’s chapel dates from the 8th or 9th century, while the standing St Peter’s houses ‘the Hogback Stone’, that once marked a Viking grave.


The ruin of St Patrick’s Chapel

St Peter's Church, Heysham

St Peter’s Church, Heysham

All in all, not bad for a spontaneous day out, though perhaps I should invest in a camera…

Photo 07-12-2013 15 43 31Note: Clicking on the photos will show them in their full blurry awfulness. Don’t do it 😉

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